Al Duree

Mr. DuRee is a technology specialist with over 30 years experience in the area of network systems research, design, development and implementation. He was a member of Sprint’s technical staff from 1986 - 1999. During his thirteen years at Sprint, he worked as a lead engineer for several of Sprint’s major planning and design projects for circuit- and packet-switching network systems.

In 1997, Mr. DuRee was the recipient of Sprint's Technology Leadership Award, given to him for providing technical leadership to the Sprint planning and development staff that created many of the innovative and industry-leading voice and data services Sprint currently offers.

During his tenure, Mr. DuRee was a major contributor to Sprint’s intellectual property portfolio.  He is listed as an inventor on over 27 issued “Voice over Packet” patents. He also served as Sprint’s Representative for seven years at T1S1, ATM Forum and ITU SG11 & SG13 standards meetings.